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WR#5 – “Suffering From Worms, Fighting Bugs”

Hard to say what's worse worms eating cherries or Colorado bug [1]
eating potato. Though it's close to midterm and the wOrming up period
is far behind, can't say i got accustomed to the bugs, it's rather that
they started to bother me even more. Fighting them gets quite tedious
and frustrating sometimes***  - no new features, no new options, lot's
of time spent and only hope that there will be something for the
harvest still keeps me ticking.

***Especially when it should be a peace of cake, but web hosting is free...

IDFetch progress:

1. Several bugs were fixed: including checks if segget can open, read, write files.

2. Try..catch blocks were added all over the segget to fail-prove its code.

3. Range limits were introduced for settings, to prevent bizarre behavior on misconfiguration.

4. Even more errors are logged.

5. Some minor improvements:
   6.1. Time measurement is more precise now (in milliseconds).
   6.2. Added avg speed measurement.
   6.3. Screen gets cleaned from inactive connections.

6. Documentation was improved.

7. Improvement to the IDFetch site:
   1. Added blog [2].
   2. Added documentation [3].
   3. Links to repositories [4-5].
   4. Timeline page [6] enriched with links to the resulting implementations of the proposed ideas.

8. Just a few options were added to segget.conf:

# Define a dir with pkg.list file
# Default:
# pkg_list_dir=./

# SYNOPSIS: del_pkg_list_when_dld_finished=0 | 1
# - If del_pkg_list_when_dld_finished set to 1:
# Segget deletes pkg.list file, after all distfiles were successfuly fetched.
# Default:
# del_pkg_list_when_dld_finished=1

# segget transfers may have bursty nature of their traffic. Therefore, while
# measuring current speed, segget actually calculates average speed during
# current_speed_time_interval_msecs time interval, defined in milliseconds.
# Minimum value: 100
# Maximum value: 60000
# Default:
# current_speed_time_interval_msecs=1000

# Define a dir to store log files.
# Default:
# logs_dir=./logs

# Define a file name to store general log.
# Default:
# general_log_file=segget.log

# Define a file name to store error log.
# Default:
# error_log_file=segget.log

# Define a file name to store debug log.
# Default:
# debug_log_file=segget.log

[1] http://idfetch.isgreat.org/_content2/colorado_bug.jpg
[2] http://idfetch.isgreat.org/index.php/blog
[3] http://idfetch.isgreat.org/index.php/documentation
[4] http://idfetch.isgreat.org/index.php/idfetchporgagemodifications
[5] http://idfetch.isgreat.org/index.php/twrappersegget
[6] http://idfetch.isgreat.org/index.php/timeline
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